LCDP May Hall of Fame - Mandy Powers Norrell, Marlon E. Kimpson, and Fritz Hollings

LCDP May Hall of Famers

From the LCDP May 2018 Newsletter

Mandy Powers Norrell

No one could be more deserving of being the first recipient of this honor than our own  Mandy.  She  just received the South Carolina Survivors Inspiration and Hope Award for sponsoring legislation increasing the fines for soliciting commercial sex. (The Lancaster News, Friday, May 4). However, she deserves the honor for much more than this award.  She fights for truth and justice every single day.  Mandy, we are so lucky to have you on our side.


Marlon E. Kimpson

This Hall of Fame award goes not only to State Senator Marion E. Kimpson ( Democrat-Charleston), but to all of the other Senators who joined him to filibuster through long hours.  Senator Kimpson lead off the filibuster and kept it up for 8 hours.  Because of their sacrifice, the radical Republican abortion bill was defeated.


Ernest "Fritz" Hollings

Retired US Senator and Former SC Governor Ernest “Fritz” Hollings

He requested in 2015 that Congress remove his name from a Federal Court house and replace it with the name of civil rights  hero J. Waties Waring.  As governor led SC through a peaceful integration instead of “fomenting hate and division” like other Deep South governors.  Created technical college system while governor, which brought BMW, Boeing, and others to SC.  As a senator brought attention to the hunger and poverty in SC and co-sponsored a law that provided food to pregnant women, new moms, and children up to 5 years. This saved many lives.  Was instrumental in getting food stamp program for poor in SC.  And these are just some of the reasons he deserves this honor.  In January of next year he will be 96 years old.