LCDP May Hall of Shame - State Rep. Mike Pitts, Rep. Ralph Norman, and Mick Mulvaney

LCDP May Hall of Shame - Recognizing the representatives who aren't representing us. 

From the May 2018 LCDP Newsletter. 


SC House Rep. Michael A. Pitts

District 14 Laurens & Greenwood

-Sponsored bill for SC to secede from Union over possibility of gun control

-Sponsored bill to call for constitutional convention

-Sponsored bill to privatize SC 4-year public colleges

-Sponsored bill to require mandatory journalists registry

-Sponsored bill to allow permit holders to carry guns on school property

-Sponsored bill to prevent movie theaters from showing movies with any type of gun violence (approx. 94% of movies)

-Voted against solar power bill

**And these are just the 2017-2018 bills!

In 2015 Made comment before Legislature that women would be good in combat if sent in at the right time of the month.




Rep. Ralph Norman

US Congress SC District 5

Pulled out loaded gun in restaurant during constituent meeting.  This was not only unsafe but also broke the law.  He has said he plans to do it again


Mick Mulvaney

Director, Office of Management and Budget

He is last on our listing but perhaps first in deserving the title villain.  He requires pay before he listens, does not pay his taxes, cheats in his business dealings,  is trying to dismantle the consumer protection agency he heads, and is trying to get rid of all the programs that sustain Americans.  He is against government funding for everything except Trump’s border wall and defense programs.  For a more detailed listing of his sins, please read the  Opinions section of the May 2018 newsletter.

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