Meet your fellow Democrats! - Effie Seaborn

Meet your fellow Democrats - Effie Seaborn

In “Meet Your Fellow Democrats,” I continue to reveal the inborn talents, and the expertise developed over time, by our members. Effie Seaborn fits that description.

                  -Jennifer Jewett

Effie Seaborn

Effie was born in McCormick, SC and attended high school in East Orange, NJ. After high school graduation, she attended Drake College of Business in New Jersey. Using her education from Drake, Effie worked in the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services, the Division of Mental Retardation, and the Department of Psychiatry.

She relocated to Baltimore, MD, where she lived from 1999-2012, and then to South Carolina. In Baltimore, she worked in the MSW Program of the University of Maryland, Baltimore. After she moved to South Carolina in 2012, she worked for the Rock Hill and Lancaster County School Systems.

Effie and her husband Aaron live in Indian Land, where she has volunteered for AARP Tax Aide and for various food pantries. How fortunate we are that Effie chose to return to her native state and share her talents with us.

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