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Jamie Harrison

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Jamie Harrison announced on February 7, 2019, that he would be forming an exploratory committee to run for the US Senate seat of Lindsey Graham in 2020. Harrison is a South Carolina politician who served as the Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party from 2013 to 2017 and is currently an associate chairman of the Democratic National Committee. He is the first African American to serve as the chair of the SCDP. Harrison began his career in politics working as the floor director of operations for Jim Clyburn in the US House of Representatives.

 He believes Senator Graham is betraying the people of South Carolina by abandoning his values and sense of right and wrong in order to please President Trump.  He says Senator Graham should be focusing instead on the emergencies South Carolinians are facing, like the closure of rural hospitals.  You may read his statement by clicking on this link.

 James R. Harrison was born on February 5, 1976, in Orangeburg, South Carolina. He received a BA from Yale University and a JD from Georgetown University. Prior to entering politics Harrison worked in the field of education as chief operations officer for the College Summit organization, and before that he taught ninth grade social studies at Orangeburg-Wilkinson High. He and his wife, Marie Boyd Harrison, live in Columbia, SC.  Despite being on opposite sides of the political divide, he is friends with Matt Moore, Chairman of the SC Republican Party (Wikipedia).





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 Dr. Gloria Bromell Tinubu

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Dr. Gloria Bromell Tinubu, announced her candidacy on May 1. South Carolinians who followed the governor’s race before the primary may remember her as the person Phil Noble selected to be his lieutenant governor and running mate. Her political experience includes winning the Democratic Party nomination in 2012 and 2014 to run against Republican Tom Rice for the 7th congressional district seat.  Although she lost in both November elections, she garnered 46 percent of the votes in 2012 and 40 percent in 2014 in this majority white, highly Republican district. 

Dr. Bromell is an advocate of public education, accessible health care, a safe and clean environment, and a healthy economy that pays a living wage. She said in a press release from the Noble campaign in 2018, “The question is whether we will be one people bound together by common spirit, sharing in a common endeavor; or will we become a divided nation?”  

Gloria Bromell Tinubu was born on February 22, 1953, near Murrells Inletin Georgetown County, South Carolina. She earned a B.A. in Fine Arts in 1974 from Howard University, an M.S. in Agricultural Economics from Clemson University in 1977, and a Ph.D. in Applied Economics from Clemson in 1986. She is currently an associate professor at Coastal Carolina, and her prior career includes the position of president of Barber-Scotia College in NC and the position of founder and CEO of Atlanta Cooperative Development Corporation.She is married to Soji Tinubu, a Nigerian-born U.S. citizen who has a master's degree in civil engineering from Clemson University. They have four children and two grandchildren