LCDP July Hall of Shame - Governor Henry McMaster

July Hall of Shame - Governor Henry McMaster

By Judy Langston

This month, the LCDP is recognizing current governor Henry McMaster for his shameful service to the people of South Carolina. On July 6 Governor McMaster vetoed nearly $16 million of funds intended for Medicaid. This money had been tagged to pay for birth control, prenatal care, and annual exams for poor South Carolinians. Because he wanted to cut out the minuscule fraction of those funds that were to go to Planned Parenthood, he blocked funding to thousands of other federally approved Medicaid providers.  He did this even though he knew that not one cent of that money could be used to pay for abortions.  Federal law prohibits it.  Apparently Governor McMaster and other Republicans only care about children before they are born, and then only in theory.  By blocking funds to the prenatal care that would help ensure a healthy birth, he demonstrates it is not the child itself that matters, it is the useful Republican issue.  If he really cared about children, he would not take away the money they need for medical care after they are born.  And if he really cared about preventing abortion, he would not eliminate the funds that help prevent unplanned pregnancies in the first place.  By his callous disregard for the well-being of the South Carolinians he represents and by his lack of truthfulness about his own motivation, he has truly earned a place in our Hall of Shame.   (The Charleston Post and Courier)