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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: elect Democrats at every level. 

We believe that we are stronger when we stand together, and that every american deserves a fair shot. Democrats are leaders who fight for the well-being of the common person rather than just for the wealthy and the privileged. Democrats are the leaders we need to make the country that we love even better. 

Key issues and core values include:

  • Common sense gun control measures

  • Reforming the healthcare system so that no American goes without care

  • Fighting growing income inequality in the US

  • Raising teacher pay and education funding in SC

  • Fighting for equality for all people, regardless of race, religion, nationality, sexuality, sexual orientation, culture, age, etc.

  • Raising the minimum wage so that no person who works full time has to live in poverty

  • The legalization of medical and recreation marijuana use

  • Eliminating gerrymandering

  • Fighting for an electoral system that accurately reflects the will of the people of South Carolina

  • Conserving our natural resources and fighting climate change

  • Eliminating big money from politics

  • Enacting compassionate immigration policies

If you care about these issues and you're ready to help move South Carolina and the USA in a positive direction, please contact us to get involved. We need passionate local citizens like yourself to make all of this happen.