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  • Meeting and Events Calendar

  • Editorial and Opinions

  • Meet Your Fellow Democrats

  • South Carolina Caucuses

  • Democrats Care

  • Events Pages

  • SC Hall of Fame

  • Circus Without Bread

  • Thank you to our volunteers

  • Political Cartoons

November 2018


  • Meeting and Events Calendar

  • Editorial and Opinions

  • Election Results

  • Events Page

  • Political Cartoon

October 2018


  • Meet your fellow Democrats: Michael Jewett

  • Meetings and Events Calendar

  • Coverage of Important SC Races

  • Hall of Fame: Congressman John Spratt

  • Hall of Shame: Niki Haley

September 2018


  • Meetings and Events Calendar

  • Editorials and Opinions

  • Meet your fellow Democrats

  • 2018 Candidate Coverage

  • Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame

August 2018


  • SC Veterans caucus affirms support for Archie Parnell

  • Editorials and opinions section

  • Meet your fellow Democrats - Cliff Musante

  • Table of candidates in all SC House races

  • Coverage of 2018 SC Democratic statewide candidates

  • Coverage of the LCDP's August meeting with guest speaker Dr. Israel Romero

  • LCDP Hall of Fame (Rep. Jerry Govan Jr) and Hall of Shame (Sen. Lindsey Graham)

july 2018


  • Calendar of upcoming events

  • Editorials and Opinions sections, featuring an article written for our newsletter by William St. Louis of The Lancaster News

  • Meet your fellow Democrats - Effie Seaborn

  • Coverage of Archie Parnell's July 10th press conference

  • Post primary coverage of our Democratic candidates and nominees

  • Gallery of our participation in the Charlesboro 4th of July parade

  • A salute to the Christian Services and National Federation of the blind Lancaster, SC chapters

  • Hall of Fame: former SC Governor Richard W. Riley

  • Hall of Shame: current SC Governor Henry McMaster

June 2018


  • Calendar of Upcoming Events

  • Coverage of the primary results for governor and US congress SC District 5

  • Complete listings of all candidates that apply to Lancaster County and their competition

  • Guide to primary results for other districts and counties

May 2018


  • Calendar of Events

  • Editorial and Opinions Section

  • Meet your fellow Democrats: Martha and Ervin Robinson

  • Listing and bio for all Lancaster County candidates

  • Coverage of James Smith/Mandy Powers Norrell event in Lancaster

  • Coverage of the SCDP Convention from April

  • SC Hall of Fame: Sen. Marlon Kimpson, Rep. Mandy Powers Norrell, Retired Senator/former Governor Fritz Hollings

  • SC Hall of Shame: Rep. Ralph Norman, SC Rep. Mike Pitts, Mick Mulvaney

April 2018


  • State Democratic Convention coverage

  • Response to Representative Ralph Norman from Third Vice Chair Ian Grohs

  • Article on constitutional convention

  • Full listing of all candidates that apply to Lancaster County for 2018 elections

  • Profiles for the following candidates: Archie Parnell, Mark Ali, Steve Lough, James Smith, Marguerite Willis, Phil Noble, Constance Anastopoulo, Melvin Whittenburg, Rosalyn Glenn, Corin Buskey, Mandy Powers Norrell, Charlene McGriff, and Larry Honeycutt

  • Coverage of the work done with Promise neighborhoods of Lancaster


March 2018


  • Calendar of upcoming events

  • Reports from LCDP officers

  • Profiles of LCDP members Jennfier Jewett, Alan Sattler, and Charlene McGriff

  • Editorial and Opinions section

  • Archie Parnell's response to Parkland, FL, school shooting

  • Overview of the remarks made by congressional candidates Mark Ali and Steve Lough at the LCDP March meeting

  • Overview of the remarks made by Deborah Boulware of United Way Lancaster County at the LCDP March meeting

February 2018


  • Calendar of events and officer reports

  • Responses to the State of the Union and the State of the State

  • Archie Parnell article on tariffs

  • Coverage of the Lancaster County Democratic Convention

January 2018


  • Calendar of events and officer reports

  • LCDP Member profiles for Ralph Renninghoff and Deborah Cureton

  • Editorial and opinions section

  • Coverage of LCDP community involvement